To support the investigator in conducting clinical trials

Only efficiently organized clinical research projects will produce reliable high-quality data. Drug studies for example are very complex and place high demands on project management. The chief researcher is responsible for the overall project performance by a qualified team.

Penthecilia will assemble this team for you and we will assume all project management tasks, ensuring that the kick-off deadlines will be met. We will also recruit all subjects necessary to meet the required inclusion number. To streamline the data collection process we will develop research documents that can also serve as source documents.

Our services for setting up and carrying out clinical research projects:

  • Developing infrastructures for setting up and carrying out research projects
  • Supporting the review procedures for the approval of research projects
  • Informing subjects and conducting informed consent interviews
  • Recruiting and screening subjects
  • Performing randomization procedures
  • Developing research source documents
  • Developing SOPs for the investigator site
  • Drafting instructions
  • Dispensing study medication and monitoring drug accountability
  • Supervising and monitoring trial subjects
  • Maintaining the trial administration