About Penthecilia

Because of the independed position of Penthecilia and years of research experiences, our services are of the utmost quality and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements including Good Clinical Practice guidelines, the Law on Medical Research with Humans Subjects (Medisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek met Mensen) and the Law on Protection of Personal Data (WBP).

Cecilia Huisman is the director of Penthecilia B.V.. She has more than twenty-three years of experience in performing complex clinical trials in academic and general hospitals. She is a certified CRC and ICH-GCP certified.

Cecilia is a GCP-trainer, especially for the investigators and research professionals at the site. Furthermore she is teacher and adviser at the post graduate education for research professionals in Rotterdam (since 1997). She is the founder (1999) and president of the Dutch Association for Research Nurses (NVRV) and since 2001 the Dutch Chapter chair of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).

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Cecilia Huisman

Founder and director of Penthecilia BV since 2000.

Cecilia has more than 23 years of experience in the field of clinical research at investigators sites such as academic centers, general hospitals and teaching hospitals.

In 1990 she started her career at the University Hospital in Rotterdam at the department of Hematology. In the next 5 years a research unit with 4 research nurses and 5 data managers was set up. The unit conducted several complex clinical trials.

After 10 years of working as a clinical research professional she left the department of Hematology and started her own company Penthecilia B.V. The core business of the company is to support clinical investigators in hospitals and general practices, to implement clinical trials according to ICH-GCP, to guarantee patient recruitment, to collect reliable data and to protect the trial subject from being harmed.

In 1999 she was the co-founder and president of the Dutch Association of Research Professionals / Research Nurses (NVRV, www.nvrv.nl). As a president of the research nurse associations her mean goal is to bring the research profession to a higher standard in the Netherlands and cooperate with other associations in the field of clinical research. From 2001 she is the Dutch Chapter chair of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).
Cecilia is a certified clinical research coordinator (CRC) and GCP trainer, program adviser, teacher and assessor at the post-graduate program for research nurses (RN) and CRC’s in Rotterdam.